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Westport Investment Group LLC is a real estate investment company headquartered in Westport, Connecticut. The company aims to help investors diversify their investment needs for long-term wealth creation and accumulation through investing in real estate.


Westport Investment Group offers a comprehensive service of real estate investing, through its acquisition philosophy on purchasing well-positioned, generally well leased properties at substantial discounts to replacement cost and adding value to these properties through intensive management and leasing, and, where applicable, renovation and redevelopment.


With more than 35 years of combined knowledge and experience, the team at WIG is committed to providing quality products and unparalleled service to assist our clients and fulfill all their investment wants and needs. We believe that the superior quality of our products and services, and the client satisfaction they engender, will perpetuate our company’s continued success.


We are a step ahead of traditional real estate investment firms; our advantage is a unique product marketing approach, which simply put, our properties (our product) meet the needs of tenants (our customers).